Delhi Direct: Decorating your house with houseplants

Delhi Direct: Decorating your house with houseplants

Decorating a house is one of the most relaxing, yet stressful things to do. It’s calming to see all your decorations, pieces of furniture and layout of the house come together but it can also be stressful as your plans could go awry or the theme you envisioned can come out differently from what you expected. 

When every decoration idea fails to work, one of the best fix-ups is to use house plants. Recently, using house plants for decorations is becoming more popular and it’s no secret why. Not only do they act as a great accent to any room, but they also match any decoration you may have.

There’s also a wide variety of indoor plants that you can use to make your rooms look better. You can take a look at other benefits house plants have to offer as decors.

Benefits of having indoor plants

They can help purify the air

The air around your house, whether indoors or outdoors, can be filled with toxins that can cause serious health illnesses such as respiratory and nervous problems. Fortunately, plants inside the house help to clean the air around. They’re excellent at removing toxins and improving air quality. One large plant or two small plants for a 100 square feet room should be enough to see any improvements in air quality.

It helps improve your mood

There are tiny microbes in plants called outdoorphins that help relieve stress. These microbes are called like so because they make you feel good while being outside. They also act as natural antidepressants. Active interaction with plants such as watering or even potting them can help improve your mood significantly. 

Increase humidity and regulate temperature

While outdoor plants provide a great and cool shade, indoor plants can also help with regulating the temperature of the room they are in. Through photosynthesis, plants emit moisture into the air. This then helps to either cool or warm up the room depending on the temperature.

If a room is cold, the humidity from the moisture will make it feel warmer than usual. Moist air holds more heat in a cold room, which is why the temperature changes. For a warm room, moisture helps reduce the temperature instead. Take note though that for your plants to be able to process photosynthesis better, their leaves should be clean or dust-free.

They’re a great decoration

Indoor plants have been getting more popular as decorations for a house. They offer a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes that really improves the looks of the room. Plants can also be styled in a variety of ways to give your rooms a unique look. Why not take a look below at how you can display your plants at home?

How to style your plants

Create a curtain

Plants and pots come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as large as a sofa, or as small as your bedside lamp. By hanging smaller plants by your window, you can add some shade and privacy while still being able to enjoy the view outside. You can also use trailing plants or those that trail along the ground but do not take root. Choose plants that do well in the sun and trail to achieve a curtain-like look.

You can also trim the tendrils from time to time to manage the length, or even keep them at a certain height. This way, you’ll have varying designs or lengths of tendrils, which adds to the overall look of the place. 

Elevate your plants

You might be enchanted by tall plants, adding more height to your decoration and a statement in your house, but they take a lot to take care of. What you can do is get a mid-sized plant and elevate it using a stylish plant stand. Not only will you get an easy to care plant with the height you want, but the plant stand can also add to the overall look of the room.

You can also use plant stands in varying heights. You can place three medium-size plants with different heights together. This then adds better, thicker-looking plants to add volume to an otherwise empty wall or corner.

Place them on shelves

If you’ve got a few shelves in your house, they’re a good place to put trinkets on as decorations. Of course, that includes plants too. You can use trailing plants too and let the tendrils reach the floor, or trim them any length you want. The versatility and different styling you can use with them is a great way to show some sophisticated design to your house.

If you can use one shelf for all your trailing plants, you can trim the tendrils for each plant in differing lengths. It adds nice accents and leads the viewer’s eyes to where you want them to look. Take note though that this could block the shelf below so you can trip them in a way that frames the middle.

Consider a shower plant

Some plants love humidity and moisture and since a bathroom is full of these, it’s a great place to keep them. Make sure to choose a pot with a hole underneath so that water doesn’t drown the plant. You can also choose air plants to put in your bathroom since they don’t need much light and can strive from the moisture in the air.

Buy in bulk

Don’t be afraid to buy your plants in bulk. You can get a few plants in each category and place them in the right places in your house. Why not arrange a trailing plant on a shelf in different heights or place three medium height plants together on differing stands? 

By buying in bulk, you have a lot of options on where to put your plants, how to style them and which ones to put together. By matching plants that complement each other, you will be able to elevate how they look in your house. 

Plant buying guide

Use patterns as guidelines – When choosing a plant, make sure that what you’re getting complements the other plants you already have at home. While there’s no issue with using different kinds of plants, you can have a messy design on your hands if their looks, colours and other attributes clash. Take a look at the other guidelines in this list when choosing your plants to make sure you’re designing your place the right way.

Have a theme – What kind of ambience do you want to have? What kind of decoration or pattern do you want to see? What colours will your plants need to be to complement the looks of the place you’re going to put them in? Answering these questions helps you to buy only the ones you need. 

Having a theme makes it easier for you to choose the plants you want to decorate your home with. Take note though that you might not find the ones that match your theme exactly so it would be best to have a second theme ready.

Think about leaf shapes – Plants come in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to choose plants that look the same. It doesn’t look good if you have three pots of the same upward growing plants. You can have a short, shrub-like plant and a fountain plant together for an emphasizing look, or a fountain-like plant and a tall one to add heights and layers.

Consider the colour of the leaves – Consider the colour of the leaves of the plants when choosing. You can use them to add variety or depth to the decoration. Choosing different plants with the same colour or at least a hue of the same colour could add depth. Meanwhile, choosing different colours shows a lot of variety. Take note though to still choose colours that go well together.

Use decorative pots – It’s not only the plants themselves that you need to consider. You should also take note of the pots that they will be in. Make sure to choose the right colours and decorations on the pot that matches the theme you’re going for.

An alternative to this is to choose a pot without any decorations and decorate it yourself. While this might take more time and effort, it’s a great way to show your creativity and highlight the uniqueness of your plants. 

These are only some suggestions on how you can use plants to decorate your home. There are a lot more things to consider when using plants for decorations but for now, these should get you started up. You can follow this advice, or ask interior designers about what kinds of plants you should get. You can also speak with the sellers so they can help you with choosing the right plants for you.