Delhi Direct: Eco-friendly products you can start with

Delhi Direct: Eco-friendly products you can start with

Take a look at the items in your house and you’ll probably see a lot of things that might be hurting the environment. No worries, just by changing some items, you can help protect them for future generations to come. Take a look at some of the products that you can start changing.

Cloth shopping bags

One of the most used items of any household is a shopping bag. They mostly come straight from the groceries where the items you bought are placed in them. You can carry your cloth or cotton shopping bags to place your items in. They are not only reusable, but you can also wash them to keep them, and the food you put in, clean.

Some groceries even sell their own bags or change to paper bags instead of plastic. This way, people won’t have a choice aside from using them. 

Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are one of the most used and wrongly disposed of items in a household. They also remain complicated to recycle. That’s why most people need to take care of how to dispose of them. That’s why it’s better to use rechargeable batteries instead. Not only can you reuse them by charging the batteries, but it also reduces expenses by not having to buy batteries anymore. 

Reusable water bottles or tumblers

People need to keep hydrated and one of the best drinks to have is water. Instead of buying bottled water though and throwing them away once finished, why not get one that you can reuse? Think about using a bottle made of glass, stainless steel or aluminium. Some of these can even keep your drink hot or cold for long periods of time. 

You can wash your water bottle and refill it with water. If you’re outside and eating out, you can refill it with water from the restaurant. You can also fill it up at home before you go out to make sure that you always have a drink with you.

LED bulbs

People always use lights and one of the most used and replaced items in a household is a light bulb. You use it everywhere in your house and at times, leave it on for a long period of time. While it may be for your safety inside the house at night, it can rack up your electric bill. 

LED bulbs are a great alternative to ordinary ones. For one thing, they provide brighter lights than other kinds of bulbs. For another, they could last almost 5x longer than other light bulbs.

The higher price might deter you from buying at first but not having to replace them for years and the money you save should be enough to encourage you to buy.